Better working through better writing. . .

Christine Macpherson launched Articulate Ink in San Francisco in the late 1990s after several salaried positions as a Writer and Editor. She relocated to Albany, NY in 2006. Her 20+ year project history encompasses:

  • environmental and engineering documentation
  • urban planning analysis and writing
  • public outreach materials and documentation
  • architectural documentation
  • RFP response writing, editing, and production
  • web copy
  • marketing collateral (staff libraries, resumes, and bios)
  • public outreach materials and documentation
  • newsletters, brochures, and ad copy
  • annual reports
  • academic assessments
  • data research and analysis
  • internal procedure analysis and manual creation
  • technical documentation
  • legal deposition summaries
  • letters and editorial positioning
  • poetry, prose, and fiction

Christine's professional connections with high-ranking staff at public relations, urban planning, environmental consulting, and engineering firms and public agencies allowed her to become involved in numerous high-profile projects.

For most of her career, Christine has worked as a freelancer. This has resulted in unique and sometimes unexpected opportunities in widely varying fields. These include advocacy, politics, healthcare, print and online media, legal, environmental, urban planning, engineering, architecture, construction, transportation, community music, retail artistry, academics, and career planning. No matter the arena, Christine relies on her knack for thoroughly assessing the core priorities of her clients and responding with concise, clear messages.

Christine's affection for writing and editing began in elementary school, after she received a failing grade on her first book report because she misspelled the word "secretary" over and over; it was cemented during her undergraduate years, when she served as the Editor of her college newspaper.

Christine thinks that everyone deserves a good Editor, so she has also volunteered her services to causes she believes in throughout the years. Christine has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy, and completed two years of graduate studies in Public Policy and Philosophy.

Articulate Ink is connected with additional writers and editors in the Capital District, who Christine calls on in times of great need. Their bios are available by request.